What We Can Offer You

At GBS Financial Services, LLC we offer a full range of accounting services for any type of small business.

You can combine any of these services into a package specifically tailored to your budget and business objectives. No matter what your needs may be, we promise dependable support, unmatched service, and competitive rates.

  • Business Startup
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll Services
  • Budgeting
  • Tax Planning, Preparation, and Compliance
  • Notary Public
  • Real Estate Services

Take Control of Your Business Finances

Our team has over 15 years of experience helping individuals and small businesses in the community with company startup, bookkeeping, payroll, small business management, and tax preparation. We have a strong presence in the Central Virginia area; however, we serve all of Virginia and surrounding states. This would include; obtaining all necessary licenses and permits to start your business, bookkeeping and payroll services, sales & meal tax payments, among others.

If you own a small business, you will gain the confidence of knowing that your finances are in the hands of a professional – and the freedom to focus on more important matters.

Even if you are accustomed to managing your own finances, you may be surprised at the benefits of working with an experienced business professional.

If you are an individual, or a small business you will avoid the pressure of tax season, and know you are not paying more than you should. GBS Financial Services, LLC can also help manage your finances so you will pay less in the future. Tax preparation is time-consuming and error-prone if not managed properly. You can realize faster and more accurate payments by letting our experienced staff manage this for you.

Our friendly service makes the process less stressful and easier to understand, and our experience and knowledge ensure that we’re always up to date on the latest changes to bookkeeping, payroll tax laws and financial regulations.

Our staff offers unmatched client support, and our rates are competitive and clearly defined, so you won’t pay for more than you really need.

Our fees are reasonable, especially compared to the amount we can help you save in the long term, and our working hours are flexible for your convenience.

Buying or Selling Real Estate? We also offer the most comprehensive real estate services in the market. Even if you don’t have a SSN, we can still help you.

Ready to make your financial goals a reality?

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